miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2013

And ... if you want to sell.

For today have many options, had many alternatives on which to focus this article. Not even in the waiting times at airports, managed to decide on the issue today. It was strangely hesitant when I awoke from slumber a phone call. An old client contacted me. I did not really want to resort to some, hackneyed moreover, homily on your need.

Perhaps the artificial atmosphere that permeates the airport terminals, or some drowsiness came over me, I do not know but I decided to find distraction in the call. So I put in "so confessor" fatherly tone and spoke with the customer. At the end of the call was drunk on a feeling "buenista". To chill airport became a kind of almost home environment. At the end of each week a lot of my precious consumption time on them. Do not think that I give it time, I assure you that your bill is mirrored.
Without realizing I was sitting at a table in a cafe. My notebook open in the green section (the section that supports my "mental diarrhea"). My 2mm pencil sharpened to the extreme, and so, armed on my headphones (which reproduced some music "cane") decided which would be the denominator of my new article.
I listed the ideas quickly it would develop. The structure was simple. When an issue is undertaken in order, it shows its easy. Like I said many times, you have to order you. If not, you'll think that when you go to the bathroom finish reading product labels bathroom while you regulate your intestinal tract. How many and how you might have read interesting reading if you were more orderly. Yes, up to shit (excuse) have to maintain order.
Now that you have the coolest idea of ​​the order, apply. Do not act like if I looked the other day.
I had a meeting with a company, a extremely formal meeting. At the meeting were present five people and myself. Far from impressed, I just thought the amount of resources wasted in that company. I waited for everyone to have a seat, a little bit of education another strategy. At a glance you can see many things depending on the position they occupy your partners. Once we were seated, the options I did not like. Nothing, played "open elbows".With a fine education (what does not courageous polite), I applied right to occupy the CEO.While the rest of managers flickered amazed I had deployed my notepad where I wanted (in the orange section, in case you're curious).
Without giving more time I began to question them about their needs. They started well, wanted to increase their sales. They had a clear goal. In any case it was a mirage.Everyone started talking about the market, the "arts" of competition, of arbitrary clients.But what, do they?
After the initial relief, asked more. There was nothing else. I swallowed some saliva, would drop a "bomb": "You have a serious problem all you have told me. The problem has two options. Or do not know what that means selling or simply do not want to sell. I understand that my position and opinion differs from anything that you think ".
I was about to shut down my block and leave. The CEO brought his hand on my notebook.With a wave of my statements admitted complacency.
At that time spoke up and said, "You just made an absolute statement and with great confidence. I would like to know some of your reasoning. " I looked around, and think I was not convinced to create a reflexive reaction in other managers, I decided to start my speech.
"On the considerations, strategies and sales and marketing processes can support different reasoning. Even some of them truly gifted. In any case one of the key issues is to consider all those involved in the sales process. I have recounted, with great conviction, your vision of your sector and your behavior. You have analyzed opportunities and threats, but that is not enough. You have done what some parents when they buy a toy for their children. You have selected one that covers recreational and educational aspects, one that you think the children would like. What have you bought and delivered. Y, .. already. You have done. If the children do not like, you will try to convince them about the benefits of the toy. In any case, you will have achieved your goal. In the sale is the same. "
"The first is whether you know you want to sell and sell. You you make the effort to work out of doors, and of course you do not realize that your business is there or they just do not have. "
"The market is equal to your competition, they have the same barriers. So what's the difference? The difference is in them, not the market, competition and customers. So stop mourn for what the market is depressed by the poor condition of what's out there. Decide if you want to sell and look at you inside. Festal internal, not external it can change. Prove that you are able to stop and fix your weaknesses mourn looking more within yourself. "
I often see as a customer forget an essential part of the commercial. Then there are many who will fill the mouth talking about how situáis the customer at the center of everything.Unfortunately there are many of you that you look within your organizations. It's easy to think that the market is complicated, or that the client is arbitrary, or that competition covers too.
The important thing is not to have more or less marketing capacity, the important thing is to have order. Order your business area, be clear about your skills and your goals (as does your competition) and stop blaming the market, prices or difficulties. Increase your market knowledge, explore those options you are not considering and clarifies your deployment.Others cry and cry remembering other times demonstrating their inability to understand the true objectives.

I'm selling while the market is waiting for me.