martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

Trading in Danger ( and II)

It had been a few days since the latest "adventures" of that "commercial" and grew bored at times (if you want to cool off with the first part:  click to see the previous article ). Assume that their activities had to follow the guidelines of others whom he considered inferior, decreasing your ascent. On the other hand, their experiences had reached the ears of the president of the company, his father.

The truth is that even though these behaviors are only admitted to, and unfortunately, in many family businesses, managers are also visible without blood ties. In the latter case, the difference is that usually costs the post or other consequences. So do not think that because you do not form part of any family business generation are exempt from having the same mediocrity.
The protagonist of the case decided he had to "give his punch line" that will silence and eliminate any dissenting opinion on their worth. The fate came to visit in the form of international business opportunity.
By chance the company president explain an expansion plan in the foreign market. I was, at that time, oblivious to the incubation of the idea and I was exposed as follows: "We have the opportunity to place our products in a market with a potential demand for our products very important. The performance area is the LATAM market. We attended the visit of individuals who are interested in opening the business line. They confirmed the qualities of our facilities and product we produce. We have great prospects and our preparation is accredited ".
Without knowing how, because today I keep asking me, I found myself in a huge conference room where the founder's son presented a power point on the business idea. I will explain the content or structure, this type of presentation you know them very well. Participants were members of the steering committee, the president, the speaker and server. In the first slide had already decided to impose a "law of silence" for that to keep up appearances. I must admit that I spent more time observing the technology with which the room was equipped, to attend the speech.
When the explanation was silence ended, no manager issued trial. In my opinion, some were resigned and others were thinking in their daily lives. They agreed everyone cast their eyes to the president. This, in turn, looked at me. As if they were robots, the rest of the room fixed his eyes on me. I closed my notebook, the only thing I have not "technology" of my tools. Of course I had not written anything. I hoped that the gesture denoting my opinion, but to no avail. The president asked me, "What do you think?" Once again, evidenced by the "leitmotiv" of the book that was recently published (SME Stories, homespun): What companies have done to deserve this?
I held back and turned to the textbook answer: "Beyond the idea how important is your business plan to carry it out. You know, we live in a supercompetitivo, suppliers of all kinds and from all over the world looking to break into the global market. To undertake this journey we must prepare thoroughly ... "I let go and cut me off with a phrase:" You know I'm an old dog. " If you were a horse, spur such a blow would not have incited much.
My purpose, peaceful, had gone to hell and replied with an old saying: "You can not teach an old dog new tricks, so the dogs do not run businesses." While keeping my eyes on the president, heard and from the back of the room her son scolded me: "I think that comment has been out of place." Perhaps he was right but I kept against the employer and said: "If you asked me to listen to your opinion, if not, do not ask." The employer's judgment channeled the situation by saying: "I meant that we are aware that we have to solve complicated issues. We propose a cooperative action with a strategic partner to grow the business, and so I want your opinion. "
The latter stood at odds with what his son had said in the presentation. The exhibition was not talking about approaches but facts. It was evident that, apparently, it was a decision made at one end of the table was, in fact, an approach to value at the other end. Despite the "truce" dialectic put to me I wanted to launch a "depth charge" the sleepers directors were present: "As you know I think that a direction you expect to have to face difficult situations, is mediocre. So who cares direction in advance of all possible situations and solutions is what I think it takes as a starting point. That said, I maintain that an approach like the one you carry out requires thoroughly prepared. "
The meeting ended without more "altercations" and I started to work in collaborative planning with strategic partner in the area.
My first hurdle, I'm at it, fix an agreement by which they have used to promote products in the area without control, without any commitment on feedback, at his own expense. Not knowing if the products have a significant competitive advantage (use, design, flexibility, capacity / speed of service ...). Without knowing the important local differences, implying that adapt the product to market tastes: shapes, colors, compositions ... With no idea of ​​the demonstrated demand for products. No information available distribution channels, transportation systems and logistics ...
For you and for should consider decreasing your problems in the field of management, an act, a habit, a mistake, do not produce only one effect, but a series of effects. Of these, only the first is immediate, given that manifests while cause; see it.
Other effects, as will be triggered on, you will not see and anticipate. The difference between you and a good manager comes down to it, while you look at the only visible effect, the good takes into account the effect that you see, but also those that are accurate forecast.
Do not seek the meager momentary well you can take a great evil durable.