miércoles, 25 de septiembre de 2013

Trading in Danger (I).

When I finish my work day try to abstract from situations that I encountered in the development of my practice. You may not have sufficiently developed that capability and sometimes, I do reflect on the mediocrity I see in different organizations. On the other hand, I do not despair even though I know I will continue hearing Unsafe companies that keep me from "off".

My latest "discovery" is not such, perhaps it is better to define it as another example of many I've seen and, unfortunately for many like you, I have left to see.
I am among those who think that we all have within a seller. In fact, in one way or another, we are always selling. It is also true that, on more occasions than intended, appear "enlightened".
On one occasion I met a young man who was part of the junior sales network in a company. He did not consider junior. I assumed it was because he thought he had a special gift that did not allow modesty. Nothing is further from reality, was the son of the founder of the company.
Actually the family circumstances of "fearless" seller was not a problem in itself, but it helped (and how!).
The "good son" intended to play all possible positions in the company. The truth is that is a very laudable, but should ideally be for the sake of planning for learning and not on a whim.   For him it was the best way to demonstrate proficiency on the activities of the company to which, would ultimately be their employees.
It would have been better if your goal was to learn the business, but ...
With these preliminaries, the young, the day came to finding customers. I knew that was going to get a big contract, one of the difficult and profitable. The type of client you chose, how could it be otherwise, was "top", "A", "Premium", etc..
Before he reached the middle of the morning and was developing all his verbiage with one of those customers. Your business card did not denote that it was a company salesman. It reflected, nothing more or less, the position of director. Everyone knows that the paper is patient.
Following the choice of client, the "victim" of "counselor" was an experienced professional with a long career.
Young argued repeatedly and loquacity dangerous in these conflicts.
After a few minutes, the arguments of sale had resulted in the young man explained how to reach the ultimate responsibility for the company after a period developing "minor activities" in which evidentiary what would improve on its "mandate". Messages like: "you see how your satisfaction with my company better."
The opportunity for the buyer was clear. I was staring at a seller who, above all, wanted to get the sale. What mattered was the "notch on the gun".
Within minutes, the buyer had gotten a discount unusual and payment conditions more advantageous.
Anything was possible to worsen. This occurred. The seller, as was "winner in the race", assured a delivery time of extreme urgency as a "measure of grace." Go funny! From his immodesty came the audacity to grant all without value beyond their noses.
The next day the buyer is aware that the sale of the previous day would be a problem for the company and for himself, requested an interview with the sales manager. Upon entering the office could see the look of concern and resignation of the sales manager. The intuition, and previous adventures of the young, he said that nothing good had to wait for the visit of the buyer.
After a formal exchange of greetings, the buyer was to the point. "Yesterday I did the worst sales in terms of profitability, and term financing, insurance, have done in a long time. I am willing to agree to a more convenient delivery time for your company if you guarantee that gratify the other end of the contract. "
It did not take other words, the commercial director reached out and sealed the deal with a handshake.
The buyer, however, had another request. "I do not want to waste time with the founder of the company to make him see the error of his son's plans, but I would like to come the child." After a few minutes, came into the office the young salesman.
His face reflected concern about the situation, perhaps expecting praise for their work. Before he could greet "your customer", he said: "Look I have agreed different conditions to the contract that formalized yesterday. I hate to see as mediocre as you work arruináis honest and serious as a commercial director. If you ever get out of that mediocrity can think of to get to higher levels, and meanwhile learn everything you can about the people you have around you and look no shortcuts ".
I have the urge to continue telling you more, but the events that occurred then require another article. You need to grow what you have read.